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X-Ray Technician’s And MRI’s

MRI’s are a diagnostic test that uses powerful magnetics to view the body inside, as with the tissues and bone without having to operate. These types of tests are usually performed by a highly trained x-ray technician, who has studied to be able to successfully operate this type of diagnostic equipment. The magnets in an MRI are created by electricity, and when activated, they create radio waves that then create signals to computers to interpret the images. What is fascinating is that in this type of innovative imaging a physician can obtain results that are three dimensional. These types of tests have improved healthcare in phenomenal ways by allowing a view inside the body, which before was a mystery.

Many people who have to undergo such a scan are usually a bit apprehensive due to the nature of the test. One is told to be very still, as they lie in a large mechanical tube like device. It can seem that one may become claustrophobic because of the small space, and at times some patients panic. As explained at, good technician will be trained on how to handle such situations so that the patient will be at ease.

When one is to undergo an MRI, it is important that the doctor and technician go over all the pertinent medical history with the patient, including previous operations and if there could be any metal parts in their body. If these measures are not detected, it can make for an unpleasant experience for the patient, due to the magnetic energy and its attraction to metals. Usually a hospital gown is provided as to alleviate any metal on clothing. It is up to the technician to position the patient on the imaging table and if any additional views are ordered, as in a contrasting image, an injection of contrasting substance is injected at this point.

At the time the patient has been successfully prepared, the x-ray technician will step out of the room to begin the scanning. This type of imaging, for some, can really test their anxiety levels to a point, but it is important that they remain calm throughout the scan. It is possible that sedation may be required or a mild relaxant. The noises can be quite loud that emanate from the imaging machine, but there is no cause for alarm, they are just processing what needs to be imaged.

When the testing has been completed, if the patient has not been sedated, one can usually return home. If the patient has undergone sedation, they must go to recover in a quiet room until they are fully awake, which could be a few hours. One can usually return to normal activities the next day.

A Review Of The Ultrasound Technician Career

If you are looking for a good paying and interesting job in the medical field, you might want to consider the job of an ultrasound technician. It is one of the jobs in the medical field that is really interesting and can really provide you with career opportunities other ordinary jobs cannot offer. It is in a way a good choice of course to take when you are also planning to pursue a career in the medical field but is not yet certain of what specific field to take at present.

So being an ultrasound technician is a good buffer for you that will allow you, in the near future, to have a rewarding career and experience. This is why this type of work is very in demand not only in the United States but also in many countries around the world according to the career site Ultrasound Exchange. It pays well and is also very challenging that will really help you feel productive in your line of work.

Ultrasound Technician Requirements: Good Performance Prerequisite

Like any other career it is important to note that there are some requirements that you need to fulfill before you are allowed to join a certain profession. The medical field is known to be usually very competitive and usually seeks to attract the best brains around. All those people considering a career in ultrasound technology need to know that there are certain ultrasound technician requirements that one has to fulfill.

Being a medical field it goes without saying that students wishing to pursue this career need to have passed well in science subjects at high school level. Those with a good high school diploma with distinctions in science subjects more specifically Biology will stand a better chance of getting into professional ultrasound technician courses and have a great start. This is a very sensitive field as wrong diagnosis can lead to disastrous results, therefore the regulations and requirements are very strict to ensure that only the qualified people are enrolled.

Medical Billing Salary: A Better Education Makes A Difference

There are many professions in the medical field that are necessary to keep the engine going. One of those is medical billing and coding, and while it m=may not pay as high as a doctor or nurse, it can still provide a comfortable living for anyone considering this position.

The salary of a medical biller and coder can be directly influenced by quite a few factors. The education one has, going into the career, as well as training, contributes a great amount in income levels and benefits. The per-hour pay of the medical biller and coder can vary from each establishment, but usual ranges are between $12.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour.

The key thing here is the fact that, while it is relatively easy to secure employment with standard medical organizations, for established salary thresholds, one way of substantially increasing your income is to create your own business and negotiate higher contract rates with businesses who are willing to pay.

As noted at, geographic location plays another big contributor in salary ranges. If one works where there is a high cost of living, as in a city location, the salaries are usually competitive. Most studies have referenced that the medical biller and coder can expect between $30,000 and $60,000 annually.

The individual, who continually invests in their future and educates themselves on any new coding procedure changes, as well as, certain seminars to promote the further education of billers and coders, would be recognized with salary and benefit compensation.

Enjoying Your Work

It is important that people engage in work that brings them fulfillment, medical billing and coding can do that. To work at a job everyday, and experience emotional fulfillment is ideal, when choosing careers. Many people find that the job that they are performing in billing and coding, being that it has great effects on the office, that they pride themselves in what they can contribute.

The work that is done on a daily basis can include bookkeeping and interpreting the codes written by the doctor, procedural coding, software billing, patient and insurance phone calls, just to name a few.

There can be other duties and responsibilities that one may be asked to fulfill, especially as an office becomes busy. But, keep in mind that the main focus of the work involved for a medical biller and coder, would be to work closely with the patient charts once the doctor has finished with his notes, to assure that payments can be received for the work they have been billed for.